REVIEW: Sword of Tora

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy in the mix bringing you Sword of Tora by Chad Taylor (Creator, writer, artist) with RG on colors and letters by Zen. Proudly published by Uni5i Comics.

The nation of Akioan whose people are being the times as they don’t embrace the technological evolution as a result their lands are lost in a hostile takeover by Darians who sought the rich mineral called Totanium. Their search led the Darians to earth, which is in ruins after years of neglect. The Darians team up with tech giant Porttech whose common goal is to control the land…. Until they meet Tora. Can the Darians be trusted?

Tora is a lone survivor of her village, she sports the matching hair that goes along with her sexy outfit. She is out to revenge her family.

I’ll start with the art, which in my opinion is the second factor (first is the story). At first glance the art is very hit and miss. Some panels look moderately good and at times not so good. The positive, it is easy to follow and it is fluid at times and there are times I needed to go over it again. Personally, the book could work best in black and white with proper shading instead of colors. Now the story, the opening page really helps introduce the world readers are leaping into and the monologue does an exceptional job to empathize the storytelling so readers don’t lose a beat. This also creates a pathway for the development for the supporting characters which helps expand the universe which makes the story more interesting.

I’d be interested to see what happens next, it has potential of telling a great story. Fans of sci-fi would really dig this book!

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