REVIEW: Swords of Sorrow: Dejah Thoris & Irene Adler #3

Writer: Leah Moore
Artist: Francesco Manna
Cover: Jay Anacleto
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

With the third issue, this world jumping tie-in series comes to a close as the two heroines finally get some panel time together.

What both ladies on the trail of the murderous cat or banth, depending on whom you talk to, it was inevitable that the two would cross swords. It’s also inevitable that the “must fight before making peace” paradigm comes into play.

Leah Moore shows a flair for dialogue in this issue. As both Dejah and Irene have now met, there is an enjoyable give and take between the pair. It seems, that in this book, both characters are striving to be equal. No more so when the two fight and have a minor discussion about what makes and doesn’t make a warrior. Looking at the series as a whole, the storytelling has varied a couple of times, with issue one being quite different to how the series has ended.

Art wise, Franceso Manna puts in a solid shift. The panels are full of energy of movement, which propels the story along at a good pace. This is important as the fight between Dejah and Irene has the feel of a conclusion rather than a piece of the journey and in lesser hands, the book may have ground to a halt there. If anything, I would say that at times, Manna’s work can remind me of Rick Leonardi, especially around the faces.

Overall, the series has been a diversion to the main story of Swords. I think this has more to do with Dynamite’s use of them rather than any slight to any of the creators involved. The purpose of the book, and the tie-ins generally, is to show how these disparate character come to work together. I would have liked to see more connection to the main arc, but I can understand that in today’s comic book economic market, if the ties to the main story were stronger, readers wouldn’t be able to afford every issue. As it is, readers get to choose their favourite pairing and enjoy a distracting story, whilst waiting for the main event to continue.

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