REVIEW: Swords of Sorrow: Vampirella & Jennifer Blood #2

Nancy A. Collins (w) 
Dave Acosta (a) 
Billy Tan (c)
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Dynamite Comics big event continues with the second issue of the Vampirella / Jennifer Blood mini series.

Retreating to their own personal space, the ladies recharge before heading forward with their own quests; Vampirella to understand where she is and Jennifer to cross the Anaheim Ripper off her to do list, before  setting her sights on the next target, who may or may not be on Vampirella’s grocery list, leading to a possible misunderstanding next issue, but time will tell.

I like Nancy A. Collins writing style for the most part.  The mix of inner dialogue with scene setting  differentiates Jennifer from Vampirella, although some of the spoken dialogue, Vampirella being hungry for example, seems a tad  over explanatory.  Whilst I like the mirrors in the dream, the inclusion of the guest from Mars seems like lip service to the main book.

Dave Acosta is back on art duties, however this issue feels like a step back. The best art in the book is the “previously in Swords of Sorrow” section. Things take a turn for the worse, during Vampirella’s dream; the dream sequence needs to be different from the real world, but the art in the rest of the book suffers and doesn’t manage to get back on an even keel.

I do have a major issue with this book. Cover price is $3.99. For that, you get 7 (8 if you read it electronically), pages of recap. This book is two issues old, this issue being part two. Granted there is the tie-in element but that barely appears in the flashback. So for your buck you get a over a quarter of catch up. That can’t be good for reader retention.

This issue feels like a step backward for the mini series and builds on the fears that I had for the whole Swords of Sorrow crossover, that being there may not have been enough story to fill the various tie-ins. This is a shame as the main story is going about it’s business in a strong fashion.

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