REVIEW: Symmetry #7

By Matt Hawkins, art by Raffaele Ienco, published by Image Comics

Well, it’s the future and there’s artificial intelligence and a sort of sanitized version of the borg from Star Trek.

There’s a recap, and one of the reasons I’m reviewing this is in contrast to Southern Cross which didn’t. While it took a modicum of effort to understand Southern Cross all the info was actually woven into a comic that made sense. Symmetry not only has a recap but an actual “previously” page and I feel betrayed by the one thing every comic should have.

There’s a really good story here somewhere but it’s so bogged down in its genre it’s like trying to understand an Ikea manual that’s missed the English translation off. I think the biggest problem is it feels like the writer just wants to write, which isn’t good because the artist just wants to art, and the art is really good if a little lifeless. There’s some excellent storytelling and the design is crisp, fresh and detailed, ideal for this type of story, whatever it is.

I was drifting as I was reading it because there’s too much information on the page and I genuinely think it’s a shame because there’s something awesome in these pages it’s just trying too hard to be enjoyed. 2.5/5


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