REVIEW: Tales from the Darkside #2

Tales from the DarkSide started out on a great single issue tale of a life guard falling asleep on duty resulting in the death of a swimmer and being cursed to make anyone that looks upon him fall asleep instantly, the interesting story and sad ending to issue one is what bought me back for issue two.
This time we get the first part of a story about a ‘miracle’ baby conceived using a new treatment thirty years ago that seems to have given him the ability to warp reality to his will with the help of his “imaginary” friend Big Winner. Finding out he’s not the only one of the miracles babies to have these powers and that if something isn’t done he will be dead by forty, Brian finds a way to hopefully control them. Brian is willing to have brain surgery to save his life and remove his friend from his head, but will Big Winner allow himself to die so Brian can live?

Only two issues in and I have to say I’m already hooked, I love the idea of short stories that feel full, so many feel rushed and lacking in anything meaningful. Issue one was fantastic, delivering a complete story in a single issue while flushing out the lead character and making you care by the end. This issue felt a little slower and that’s probably because they have another issue to complete the story and I’m not sure if that hurts or helps it as I’ve not read the next part. That said it’s by no means bad, the character makes you feel for him right away while the idea is solid, combined with a great art style that throughout that looks gritty and this book is a winner. Any tales from crypt or twilight zone fans out there should be reading this book too.

Issue one was my favourite so far but issue two deserves a solid 4 stars.

Tales From The DarkSide #2
Script by Joe Hill
Adaptation by Michael Benedetto
Art by Gabriel Rodriguez
Colours by Ryan Hill
Letters Robbie Robbins
Published by IDW
Reviewed by Dawn Of Comics

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