REVIEW: Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank #2

So, as many of you know, I post a weekly summary of my comic reading called “Lightning Reviews”. This issue was originally going to be included in this week’s article, but I felt it deserves its own review simply because a paragraph wouldn’t do it justice. Since I’ve started reviewing for Comic Crusaders, I’ve read several comics that are obviously pandering to the young adult male demographic with violence and boobs (looking at you,  Zombie Tramp) but I think Tank Girl really delivers the goods. This is a fun ass book!

I’ve never read Tank Girl before, but this would’ve been my go-to mature comic when I was in high school. This iteration, Two Girls One Tank, focuses on Magnolia Jones, a collectibles dealer who has apparently gone off the deep end by hijacking the tank of our title character. While on her joy ride, she runs into the real Tank Girl and her lingerie clad partner Barney who are currently in a high-speed police chase! So, Barney starts brawling with Mags while Tank Girl tries to blow her to bits. After gratuitous death by fire, Tank Girl and Magnolia are arrested, and its up to Booga the Kangaroo to spring them with the help of Jet Girl, who is a bit more reserved that her tank-loving teammate. Shocking discoveries are made concerning Magnolia and why she was so drawn to Tank Girl’s transport.

So, I feel like this comic has a ton to offer: punk rock cuties, tanks that provide explosions in excess, gore, colorful language, and an anthropomorphic kangaroo that are all expressed in a vibrant and happy-go-lucky atmosphere. However, what sets this above the competition is that these badass bitches just wanna raise hell, yet are not vulnerable in the slightest, nor are they sexualized for pointless reasons. This takes place in the Australian outback, so less clothes and short hairstyles make sense! Not to say they aren’t super sexy though, because it is pretty hot stuff. It’s funny without resorting to being “jokey” and while the characters are too outlandish to be relatable, they have enough personality to be a blast to read. Alan Martin and Brett Parson create a wild environment where the protagonists (or antiheroes) reduce a sheriff to a bloody pulp outside of a demolished county jail for several pages and enjoy every bit of it.

I really, really enjoyed this comic because it is so over the top. Why is there a taking kangaroo? Who cares! Can an aircraft lift the roof off of a building like a cookie jar lid? They just did! Tank Girl is a crazy wild ride that gives off a Mad Max vibe without trying to copy it. Move over, all you male-dominated action comics… girl power all the way! This comic proves that female empowerment is not to be underestimated because, while there is massive appeal to guys, this title shows that not all “girl comics” are devoid of gritty material. For a good time, pull Tank Girl. Actually, strike that. For a great fuggin time, PULL TANK GIRL!

Highly Recommended, 5 out of 5 Stars

WRITER: Alan Martin
ARTIST: Brett Parson
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