REVIEW: Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes #5 (of 5)

Now that they have defeated the threat of Pelludicar’s invasion of the multiverse throughout time, Tarzan and Caesar and left with one final minor problem: how to stop the whole problem from restarting again. Damn time travel story always loop around to the beginning again, don’t they?

In the final issue of the Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes mini-series, Tarzan has finally landed ON the Planet of the Apes! Tim Seeley and David Walker have made good on the promise of the title.

Back where it all began, Caesar and Tarzan are both on the Planet of the Apes, a world that they have both heard of, but neither have experienced before now. They only have a short amount of time to end the Ape invasion of the Forbidden Zone, dissuade the last of the mutated humans from launching the doomsday weapon, and stop Dr. Milo from flying the spaceship into the wormhole into the past.

It all seems so simple.

That’s when the other Dr. Milo shows up to mess things up even more. With a head full of all the different timelines, he is on his own murderous rampage to try to stop this time loop from starting.

Can Tarzan and Caesar bring peace to a world of angry gorillas, religious orangutans and a doomsday cult of mutants? Can we all just get along? It seems so straight forward after they have managed to defeat a race of telepathic pterosaurs and their army of dimensional hopping raptors and Neanderthals.

I’ll be honest, I was disappointed in the lack of dinosaurs in the final chapter of the series. But Seeley (Nightwing, The Lost Boys) and Walker (Power Man and Iron Fist) do manage to bring the story to a satisfying end, which seemed pretty much impossible to me when I started this issue.

I can’t say enough about how much I love Fernando Dagnino’s (Suicide Squad, Justice League: Generation Lost) art through the whole series and he doesn’t let up at the end. Everything is lush and vibrant. His ape faces are great. I could tell the difference between Zira, Cornelius, and Caesar in every panel they were in. They all looked like individuals, which is often hard to do with humans in comics, let alone our simian cousins.

Writers: Tim Seeley and David Walker
Artist: Fernando Dagnino
Colorist: Sandra Molina
Publishers: Dark Horse and Boom! Studios

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