REVIEW: Teen Titans #21

Well if you’ve been reading the series I’m sure you’ll get more out of it than I did. It’s not bad, it’s so middle of the road it could be arrested for jay walking. It’s the Titans Vs The Brain and Monsieur Malour in a zoo full of mind controlled seals, polar bears and visitors. Other than the noted relationship between the villains and the general kookiness it’s a wrap up issue that sprints to the end knowing there’s new stuff to come.

The writing is rushed but fine enough, characters say their lines, stop the baddies and move on. I don’t remember how it actually ended.

The art is slightly annoying. Sooner or later DC is going to have to remember that this is the TEEN Titans and start drawing the girls appropriately. Cue the asshats “mner you just want the kiddies cartoon versions mner mner” well no, I don’t, but having a daughter who was a teenager I can tell you that they only dress older than they are they don’t look like short porn models. The first panel featuring Wonder Girl shows her costume so tight I’m not entirely sure she’s not just wearing red body paint. It’s not overtly sexual it just shows a complete lack of understanding of teenage anatomy.

So yeah, this is treading water, in a minnow pond.

STORY BY Tony Bedard
ART BY Miguel Mendonca, Diana Conesa
COLORS BY Tony Avina
LETTERS BY Corey Breen
COVER BY Mike McKone


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