REVIEW: Terrible Lizard #3

Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Drew Moss
Colors by Ryan Hill
Published by Oni Press
Release Date: January 14, 2015

Terrible Lizard is one of Oni Press’ newest ongoing series, and after a slow start to the first issue, Terrible Lizard has continuously picked up steam delivering a fun and exciting third issue.

Jess and Wrex are on the run… from the military… and from Jess’s father! The T-Rex has been targeted for death. If Jesse wants to save her friend, she’ll have to find a place to lay low. But where do you hide a massive, rambunctious dinosaur… especially when mutant monsters are chomping at his prehistoric heels?

The premise is simple, what would happen if a scientist was able to open a door to the past and bring to the present one of the deadliest creatures to ever live? In this third outing, writer Cullen Bunn delivers a solid story about the consequences of having a monster lizard living in our world. Jess’ relationship with Wrex, the giant T-Rex, is really developing quite well and she is starting to really control Wrex’s actions, though how or why she has imprinted on the giant dinosaur is something that is still a bit up in the air. The two make a great team though, being polar opposites of each other in terms of personality and attitude creating an interesting dynamic that’s fun to watch.

The pacing and dialogue in this issue is definitely much better than the previous two installments of the book, but that is to be expected with a new series. Jess’ character continues to grow, and shows us that Wrex may not be so bad after all, even if he is destroying cities as they escape the ongoing attacks of the military.

Where this book truly shines is in the art department. Artist Drew Moss has done a terrific job with the character designs in this book and his panel work helps proper the story forward at a fast face. Colorist Ryan Hill really help finish off Moss’ pencils making them more dynamic and vibrant.

A book featuring a young girl and a giant dinosaur as its protagonists could have easily become just another cliched Godzilla ripoff, but the creative team is presenting us with an intriguing story which shows continued potential to be a great hit.

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