REVIEW: Thanos #8

Family can be funny.  Some units bond, others not so much.  However, even if you can’t stand one another that doesn’t mean you can’t put aside your differences and come together to face a larger, more important issue.  Then you can go back to hating each other.  The family dynamics for anyone related to Thanos of Titan are undoubtedly going to be… complex, but even here common stable ground can be found, though surely temporary, when the situation forcefully calls for it.

Right away issue #8 graces a page with a brilliant image of Thane in the center of a full-figured flaming bird with outstretched wings, the bones of his victims, the army of Thanos, are backlit by a page on fire.  While the artwork is pretty spectacular across the entire  issue, this already  stands out to me as one of the best in-story representations of the Phoenix I’ve come across in a while.  So, two pages in and I’m feeling pretty confident about the rest of the read.

Thane (Thanos’ son), sends Starfox  (Thanos’ Brother), along with Nebula (once claimed she was Thanos’ granddaughter) and Tryco Slatterus.(No relation)  to kill Thanos.  However, Thane betrays them all and now coupled with Lady Death (Thanos’ Former lover), Thane has harnessed the god-like power of the Phoenix Force.  Starfox and Thanos have no choice but to stand side by side against a shared threat.  Whatever their individual motives for forming a partnership, no matter how noble or selfish, it comes down to the same for each.  They HAVE to.  They don’t WANT to.  See what I mean about family being funny?

Intent on finding three cosmic witches residing at the edge of the universe, Thanos  gives an ultimatum to his would-be assassins: Help him regain his power so he can destroy Thane OR leave him to die,  along with the rest of the universe soon afterward in the wake of the Phoenix.  Realizing no real choice in the choices offered, a very uneasy alliance is struck.

Every issue of THANOS so far has been perfectly delivered from beginning to end, and #8 is no exception.  However it all ends, you can be sure of one thing.  No, it’s not a Starfox/Thanos buddy-cop title.  If  he’s got his sight set on power, we are probably going to be looking at an all new, even more kick-ass Thanos REAL soon.

Story:  Fire Stars
Art:  5 Stars

Thanos #8
Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist:  Germán Peralta
Color Artist:  Rachelle Rosenberg
Lettered:  VC’s Clayton Cowles

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