REVIEW: The Amazing Spider-Man #2

Written by Dan Slott, art by Giuseppe Camuncoli & Cam Smith, published by Marvel Comics

Spider-Man purists are going to hate this comic. The mewling fantards aren’t going to appreciate that Peter Parker should have become a millionaire business man off the back of his scientific genius a LONG time ago. Having adventures with his sidekick Prowler and full of gadgets and coolness. No, the poor bastards, who get nosebleed’s if there’s a pattern on the toilet paper, can’t handle change.

Dan Slott writes the shit out of this. There’s a point when I thought “I hope they do something with the idea that Spidey might become reliant on his technology” and not only does he, he re-twists it with an alarming degree of foresight and planning. The writing is also hysterically funny, but not ashamed of showing other emotions to.

The art is so crisp and clean, but with everyone wearing full face masks it was nice to see the Parker board room flashbacks in amongst the James Bond styled shenanigans to make sure the artist could do facial expressions. He can by the way.

The cover is by Alex Ross. I’ll leave that there. While I get rid of the erection it gave me.

So if you are not a Spider-Man obsessed goomba who considers the Clone Saga a misunderstood work of genius and you can accept that despite the core premise being the original Iron Man but DISTINCTIVELY Spider-Man, you’ll really enjoy this.

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