REVIEW: The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #12: Renew Your Subscriptions

As a lot of people know I HATED the Brand New Day storyline so it should come as no surprise that I LOVED the concept of this series.  Initially starting as a five issue mini-series, which debuted on 6/3/15, it told the tale of a world where Brand New Day never happened.  The success of the mini-series eventually warranted a volume 2, which hit the shelves on 11/19/16.

We have hit the one year mark of The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows with issue #12 and what a year it has been. If I had to describe this series in one word it would be ‘fun’.  Ryan Stegman’s story took me back to the Spidey I grew up with (who would never ever make a deal with the devil). This issue is part 2 of the Curse of the Goblin story and does a great job of wrapping up the series’ freshman year and letting us know that there is still a lot more of this alternate Parker family’s story to tell.

The book is very much about a family and it does not always need Peter to be the hero.  The hero duties are shared by his wife, Mary Jane using a suit Peter developed to allow her to share his powers and their daughter who has dubbed herself Spiderling after inheriting spider powers from dear old dad.  I have always been a proponent for allowing characters to change and grow.  Seeing Peter in a father and mentor role breathes a new life into the character. Peter does not seem to be driven by guilt any longer and his greatest responsibility and also his greatest power is his family.

The art of Brian Level works really well with the light-hearted action tone of the series.  It is reminiscent of pre-Brand New Day Spidey, yet has a very modern feel to it. Stegman and Level make a great team and fill a void left by the Fantastic Four giving us an amazing family adventure story.

I had a good time reading this issue.  It was fun, fast paced, and took me back to a time long ago.  We even get a giant robot, and who doesn’t like giant robots? Now that the first year has wrapped I’ll have to make sure I renew my subscription to Renew Your Vows because there is no way I am going to miss out on what comes next.

Story: 4.5 Stars
Art: 4.5 Stars
Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

(W) Ryan Stegman (A) Brian Level (CA) Ryan Stegman

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