Black Hood The Lonely Crusade (Part Two)
Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Robert Hack
Published by Dark Circle Comics

Gregory Hettinger is a police highway patrol officer during the daytime but by night he becomes a dark character who fights the scum of society. Gregory Hettinger becomes the vigilante known as the Black Hood.

What I like about vigilantes is that they always seem to have a darker side to them than the criminals they are fighting; the Black Hood is no different. Although there is no back story explanation in the beginning of this issue you can pick up enough to understand that the main character has a past addiction problem that he is dealing with. The left side of his face is also horribly scarred. He is definitely a cop with issues that he is trying in his own way to atone for. At night dressed as the Black Hood he goes out trying to track down people who have gone missing lately including a friend of his girlfriend Jessie.

I enjoyed the art in this comic book it’s drawn pretty raw, great use of heavy dark lines give it its edgy look. The artist Robert Hack does a good showing how painful the punches and strikes feel. The Black Hood is a character that works in the shadows and Hack’s artwork says that. Duane Swierczynski tells a gripping story as well. The way he tells the tale about an average guy like you and me still struggling with everyday life, with no special abilities, no super strengths or powers and no cool gadgets yet will still go out and fight crime every night.

So if you like stories about vigilantes or would like to take a break from your average super hero comic for something bit more based closer to reality then allow me to recommend The Black Hood.

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