REVIEW: The Black Suit of Death: The Ides of March

The Black a Suit Of Death: The Ides Of March one-shot prelude

Created and written by Ben Kreger and Ed Ellsworth
Pencils and inks by Stefano Cardoselli
Colours by Craig Gilliland
Title design and cover art by Tony Morgan
Publisher Warrior Innkeeper Creative

Let’s judge this book by its… The Demonic looking Grimm Reaper is creepy looking enough that you don’t mind the lack of detail. The use of so few colours works well for the look.

On the far off planet of Utopia lX the power core that powers the planet is failing as the population grows, something needs to be done. Enter Dr. Sietsan and his rather extreme solution The Black Suit of Death. On the ninth incarnation of their pure and peaceful Utopia the good Dr believes that only the good should be allowed to prosper and his suit would kill the rest and use their life’s energy to charge the power core. Joining with the suit he shows the council just what the suit can do.

This was a very interesting read and even though it may seem extreme the idea is pretty cleaver and makes a lot of sense. The detail in the art and darkness of the colours make the art and story fit together very well. Although the idea is very good and the writing is solid for the most part there are a few jokes thrown in that are very hit and miss (mostly miss) because this book deserves to be taken seriously and jokes don’t fit with that. Overall a very strong book from Warrior Innkeeper Creative, I look forward to issue 1.

For me this one gets a strong 4 stars for the idea and the art.

Do you agree with my review? Comment below or find me on Twitter @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this book.

The book is available for purchase on ComiXology, and for more information about the Black Suit of Death you can check out their website:
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