REVIEW: The Bozz Chronicles

WRITER: David Michelinie
ARTIST(s): Bret Blevins, John Ridgway, Al Williamson
LETTERER: L. Lois Buhalis, Phil Felix
COLORIST: Steve Oliff, Petra Scotese
COVER ARTIST(s): Blevins
PUBLISHER: Epic Comics
RELEASE DATE: 1985-1986

I think, if comic fans were asked to pinpoint a certain decade in comic books where the stories were the most powerful and expressive, most would point to the 1980s. I mean, come on. WatchmenThe Dark Knight ReturnsThe Killing JokeA Death in the Family, Year One, The New Teen TitansV For VendettaAnimal ManSwamp ThingUncanny X-Men; the list just goes on.

Amidst all of this comic book goodness was a story published under Marvel’s Epic imprint that I, truly, had never heard of until now. A 6-issue miniseries created and written by David Michelinie, it follows a suicidal detective alien and his two companions, a British prostitute with a heart of fool’s gold, and a cowboy who makes some rockin’ chili. It’s a fun and somewhat deep series that enjoyably blends together different styles, from Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who to steampunk and sci-fi. Only thing I must admit is, the dialogue has moments where it goes stiff as all hell.

The art is a tough one for me to decide. On the one hand, it perfectly portrays the Victorian-era English scene. On the other, it’s scratchy, at times overly convoluted with lines, and, if we’re being completely honest here, I’ll admit I really dislike that time period’s dry look, so I’m not entirely confident that has nothing to do with it.

I’m not really sure how to recommend this book to people. I guess, if you like genre-blending, fun, introspective stories, then pick it up. But if you are only a reader of a certain genre or style, this is going to be quite an experience for you anyways. I sure know it was an experience for me.


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