REVIEW: The Coming of the Supermen #2

By Neal Adams and DC

Oh…oh dear. Mr Adams, there’s no easy way to tell a legend this but, oh god, the magic has gone.

From Superman getting bum raped on the cover to dialogue like this “And that bad taste in my mouth is Darkseid.” This comic feels like a veiled attempt at coming out.

The story is…something about multiple Supermen fighting Kalibak from the New Gods and a child with a dog. Yeah, it’s a big weird mess. None of the characters seem to be taking their meds or indeed be in the same comic. The dialogue is from the 70’s but the syntax is from Mars. It would be funny if it wasn’t utterly tragic that a legend committed this to paper.

The art. I almost cried reading this. Sometimes from laughing then from guilt. Everything is ramped up to operatic and none of it makes much sense. There’s very little holding the different scenes together, one minute Superman is surrounding Lex Luthor in heat vision, the next minute Kalibak bursts back in holding aforementioned child with dog. The faces and anatomy are also referenced from fun house mirrors. I feel mean but, this isn’t dignified and more than a bit strange and sad and someone has to say it. I just wish it wasn’t me.

0 Stars

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