REVIEW: The Creators

I’ve been struggling to start this review. The basic premise is; every now and again a teenager gains the ability to make their art come to life, a power which I am glad Liefeld doesn’t possess. The story follows our young heroine Maya as she enrolls in a school for creators and learns about the world she’s now become a part of. It’s a powerful concept, done with passion, a modicum of skill and a sledgehammer.

The comic has many good points and is clearly made with love, care and attention. Characters are fleshed out and well motivated, the story is solid and does a good job of building the universe and its rules. The art is solid and there’s some proper wizardry going on in the composition and direction. Unfortunately, as the plumber said to the Swedish housewife “There’s a but…”

The comic is in desperate need of an editor.

Everything is on the page, whether it needs to be there or not. There’s a wealth of ideas and a clear impatience to get them on paper. This leads to far too many talking head sequences and muddled story telling. There are very good ideas squashed into one page, the religious implications for example, and then there are action sequences that needed to rethought as they spread over too many pages, when Kurdonn escapes with Maya for example.


The art itself is very strong, but again shoots itself in the foot. Lots of detail sometimes makes the foreground get lost in the background. The dual tone colour scheme isn’t implemented well and while the line work is strong there’s not much variation, which can lead to very confusing pages, especially when it’s full of Lovecraftian horrors.


Which brings me to the biggest problem; for a comic about artists whose art comes to life all they seem to draw are monsters and beasties. I know the drawings are brought to life by desires and fueled by emotion but I was a teenage boy, I would have been sat in watching Kelly Brook and Amanda Booth (a girl several years ahead of me in school) wrestling in strawberry jelly with me as the prize every night. It’s great that there’s a plethora of well designed beasties on display, but if that’s all there is on offer then you are left wanting.

It’s very far from a bad comic, as it went on I was increasingly intrigued by the characters and the climax was worthwhile, but not satisfying.

I hope it continues and grows and expands its ideas as Mr. Bracco expands his very evident skill.

The Creators vol#1
Written And Illustrated By Michael S Bracco

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