Which is better?

The TV show or the comic?

The Deep faces the same dilemma that other popular intellectual properties face when presented to audiences in multiple forms of media. Which is the superior format? What form of entertainment seems to capture the essence and emotion of the characters?

The Deep can be found on Netflix. The show has two seasons for fans to binge through. But this comic… this is where the real story comes through.

The Deep follows the aquatic adventures of the Nekton family. This quartet of “aquanauts” travels the globe to investigate some of the biggest mysteries of the deep.  From giant sea monsters to islands that seem to move on their own, the Nektons face adventure at every turn. With the help of their state-of-the-art submarine, deep diving equipment and their faithful fish (Lovingly named Jeffery), there is nothing this family can’t handle above or below the waves.

This graphic novel collects the two previously published graphic novels together. It contains the storylines of “Here Be Dragons” and “The Vanishing Island”. This is the collection that gave rise to the Netflix series. It’s not hard to see why there was so much interest in getting this book on TV; it’s adventure, action, and dynamic in all the right ways.

Taylor is at his best here and that’s saying something for a writer that has gone on to such high acclaim. The art work is tremendous Brouwer, whose animated style is reminiscent of a traditional Disney house style infused with just a dash of J. Scott Campbell (without all the sexy). The stories in this trade are pitch-perfect. It’s easy to fall in love with each member of the Nekton family. Netflix was on-point when they picked this series up for production.

While it is my personal opinion that the graphic novel is FAR superior to the animated offering, that is just me. I found myself intrigued enough after reading this book to seek out the animated version, which proved to be a disappointment. I would much rather follow this group in the comics, because in the comics this series is pure perfection.

Final Score: 5 out 5 starfish!

The Deep TPB
Collects Issues: 1-6
Story: Tom Taylor
Art: James Brouwer
Letters: Wolfgang Bylsma
Publisher:  Boom Studios (Kaboom)

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