REVIEW: The Dresden Files: Wild Card #5

Picking up after Murph’s beat down in issue four, we find Dresden in the clutches of Puck, the Wyldfae.  Harry is no magical slouch but he will need all the help he can find to face this much more powerful foe.

This creative team has totally captured the magic and mystical while setting it in a totally real feeling Chicago.  The script is excellent and hats off to the lettering, especially when we see Dresden casting incantations.  The Carlos Gomez art is beautiful and the colors are rich and vibrant.  The three pull you into the story and the world of the battling factions from page one!

This is setting us up nicely for the final issue of this series and I am expecting big things after previewing this penultimate issue.  Will Puck get the chaos reality he desires or will Harry convince the factions to unite against a common foe?  JUST TAKE MY MONEY DYNAMITE!  I cannot wait to find out!

Written by: Jim Butcher & Mark Powers
Art by: Carlos Gomez
Colors by: Mohan
Lettering by: Bill Tortolini



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