REVIEW: The Dresden Files: Wild Card #6

The six issue series concludes and finds Harry Dresden bargaining an unlikely truce between the White Court, the Mob and the Police.  Puck has proven to be too powerful for any one of these groups but collectively they may stand a chance.

Butcher and Powers set up an amazing ending to this mini-series.  The narrations don’t feel off-putting or busy, especially in this issue with the warring factions.  Carlos Gomez and Mohan prove to be perfect companions to the script.  Puck looks freaky and evil as a “trickster demigod” should.  If you picked up the prior issues you can rather easily pick the tactic Dresden will have to employ if they hope to survive the chaos that is Puck.  This conclusion was predictable to a point but not so much as to feel cheap or lazy.

In the end, this was a solid Dresden title and series put together by Dynamite.

Story by: Jim Butcher & Mark Powers
Art by:  Carlos Gomez
Colors by: Mohan
Letters by:  Bill Tortolini
Cover:  Carlos Gomez  & Mohan

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