REVIEW: The Eighth Seal #3

The Eighth Seal #3
Written by James Tynion lV
Pencilled and inked by Jeremy Rock
Coloured by Michael Spicer
Lettered by Troy Peteri
Editor Michael Benedetto
Published by IDW
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

Let’s judge this book by its cover… Stunningly creepy art work with a gorgeous use of colour, this looks like a painting fit for a gallery.

The First Lady of the United States has been having hellish visions and they’re only getting worse, with no one at the White House able to help, Amelia may have to figure out their meaning alone, is she having premonitions of the end of the world at the hands of a demon or just nightmares? Will she be the one to stop this monster or perhaps the one to set it free. Will the sinister cult help or hinder the First Lady as she discovers the mystery of the Eighth seal.

Hand me a horror book of demons and mysterious cults and I’m all over it like bees on honey and this is no exception. Some truly disturbing visuals and an interesting mystery make this book worth the read. Politics don’t really amuse me in books but throw in demons and I’ll at least give it a go, add to that this great art and a story that grabs you right off the bat and it’s really hard to find anything not to like. I’m interested to find out a little more about these cult members and the origin of this extremely terrifying looking demon.

If you like dark serous horror books this one is for you 4 stars.

Do you agree with my review? Comment below or find me on Twitter @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this book.

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