REVIEW: Elasticator #2

Let’s judge this book by its cover… Not as fun as the cover of issue one, this one looks more like a detective comics with the guns and drugs rather than a superhero book.

The art itself is really good though. (Check out my review for issue one for a quick recap.)

We pick up with Mikey still in interrogation telling the cops how he got to where he is. With gang wars and cop killing this issue stays as dark as the last, with still no sign of The Elasticator or superpowers this book is more of an angry teen book on why I became a drug dealer. After the great start I was hoping for some actual Elasticator action but this origin story is taking longer then I would have liked.

It’s all good watching drug dealers turn on each other and feed them to rats but that’s all you get here. Mikey’s home life is tragic and it’s sad to see what this young boy had to do to help his family. But I want to see him get his powers already. Imagine reading a batman book that is all about a 12-year-old Bruce Wayne…. Oh wait that’s A tv show already, well yeah it’s like that. But where Gotham works because we know who Bruce WILL be this is dragging as we don’t know this guy. The art does save it somewhat with some gorgeous panels. The writing isn’t bad it’s just slow, the last issue had the pacing this one lacks. Fingers crossed the next issue gives us the title character, 3 stars!

Review: Elasticator #2
Written by A.C. Medina
Art by Kevin Shah
Colours by Ross A. Campbell
Letters by Micah Myers
Cover by Jean-Francois Beulieu
Published by Scout Comics
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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