REVIEW: Elasticator #4

For a recap check out my reviews for both issues 1,2 and 3

Everybody does indeed need a montage and Mikey is no different as we get to see him train to use his new-found powers of über stretch to their fullest. Saved by a mystery man and nursed back to health Mikey is taken under his wing and taught that with great power comes great ass kicking potential. With his suit ready and training done it’s time for Mikey to make a name for himself. Will his new profile attract the attention of Brother V? Mikey sure as hell hopes so.

This is the part where I repeat how much I love this books writing and the art although I’ve said in reviews 1-3 but it’s true, the art is outstanding, the story is compelling and dark it’s quite simply a pleasure to read and look at. I sound like a broken record but if you’re not already reading this book then check it out, you won’t find a more interesting super power origin story out there right now. Each issue makes me love this title more and more and that’s hard to do as I bore easily with superhero titles but this one feels fresh, modern and grounded. When you’re lucky enough to get a book of this caliber to review it makes the dozens of other titles you’ve had to read a lot more bearable.

5 stars for this issue and this whole title so far. I don’t see a lower score for upcoming issues as a possibility.

Elasticator #4
Written by A.C. Medina
Art by Kevin Shah
Colours by Ross A. Campbell
Letters by Micah Myers
Cover by Jean-Francois Beulieu
Published by Scout Comics
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics
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