REVIEW: The Fade Out #11

Written by Ed Brubaker, art by Sean Phillips, colours by Elizabeth Breitweiser, published by Image

This was a lesson in how it’s down. This reminded me that Sin City is a parody of the noir genre.

The gist revolves around two writers trying to infiltrate Hollywood to discover who murdered the beautiful woman one of them fell in love with.

Each character is distinctive in a well realized setting, facial expressions convey meaning and nuance and the dialogue doesn’t trample the visual language in a stampede to show off how clever it is.

Give Mr. Brubaker a good artist and the resulting gestalt produces comics you want to stay in and explore. The story pacing is simple but that’s 1. A relief in this day of multi part crossovers that need a mortgage to keep up with and 2. It doesn’t need to be complicated, the execution of the core concept is simply a joy to read.

As an aside I added the colourist because there were only three names in the credits and it felt a bit sad not to, especially as the colours were so good.

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