It was easier to form an emotional attachment to the Human Centipede. Nathaniel Adams has a meltdown, the Justice League come across as incompetent dicks and the meat of the story is a flashback for no real reason I could fathom.

The dialogue is delivered in slabs of dreary exposition about quantum states and fevers and I swear to god the only likable character in this is a doctor who we probably will never see again.

The art is fine, standard superhero fare. Captain Atom could have done with something a bit more techy and experimental to set it apart from every other comic on the shelf. The story telling is a bit weird in places to, watching Superman push someone by their feet was a throw back to the fifties.

For a first issue it had no impact whatsoever, there was some ham-fisted characterization smeared with stereotyping and all of it was trod into old ground.

This will end in about eight issues.

Written by Cary Bates, Greg Weisman
Art by Will Conrad, Ivan Nunes, Saida Temofonte
Published by DC Comics

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