REVIEW: The Fear Diaries #1

What if there is something under the bed or in the closet, what if it’s not all in your imagination? When children sleep the portal between our world and theirs opens and someone needs to guard it. Who could have the power to stop all the bad things from creeping through, maybe the things in your room filled with love like your favourite Teddy Bear that you sleep with every night. Once you fall asleep these little stuffed toys come to life and join to form a super team that defends our world from the evil forgotten toys that want to bring nightmares to all the children of the world.

What a fun read this is, tiny teddy bears and unicorns fighting side by side against the forces of evil is something you don’t see everyday.
It’s done so well here with some truly outstanding art, the 22 pages fly by with sheer enjoyment as we follow the cutest team of heroes in comics.

Five solid stars as I wait not so patiently for issue 2!

Created by Garrett Gunn
Art by Nicolas Touris
Letters by HdE
Published by Alterna
Funded by Kick Starter
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

Do you agree with my review or think I couldn’t be more wrong?
Comment below or find me all over the interwebs @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this book or if you have any titles you think I might love or hate


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