REVIEW: The Few And Cursed #1

The Few and the Cursed is a kickstarter-backed book, and I’m pretty mad at myself that I didn’t get in on funding it. To start off, it’s about a bad ass woman, and the world can never have enough bad ass women.

The main character, only referred to as Red because of her scarlet hair, is something called a “Curse Chaser”, which is a person who basically goes around and finds cursed and paranormal beings. Now Red is dressed in clothes that actually look like they function in a desert setting, which I am SO happy for. I get that women can be sexy and strong, but sometimes I’m left wondering “how the hell is she going to survive in armor that’s literally a thong and some pasties?” Thankfully, there is none of that in this book.

The artwork of Fabiano Neves is simply gorgeous. It fits Felipe Cagno’s writing perfectly, and is so detailed without getting muddy. The colors really brings the desert setting to life, executed on point by Dinei Ribeiro and Ivan Nunes. I’m a person who loves monsters of all sorts, and this story laid down a plotline that seems like it’s going to be thick with them accompanied by interesting characters. Keep the artwork on par with the writing, and this is going to quickly become one of my favorite series.

It is important to note that there is that “girl power” aspect in this issue without it being overdone. Women who defend other women are great characters, and I believe we need to see less competition by women and more sisterhood. Red really channels her inner Furiosa without distracting from the story. She is a loner, but stands up for what she believes is right, and so far it’s working out spectacularly for her.

So the interior art is amazing, but what about the cover? It’s bomb. As. Hell. Fierce and daring, Red is the center of attention, and let’s just take a moment to thank Felipe Watanbe and Marcelo Costa for creating a brilliant piece of art.

I recommend the hell out of this book, and it’s definitely one of the best things I’ve read so far. It’s engaging and the post-apocalyptic story is something out of a video game that needs to be made.

Story: 5 Stars
Artwork: 5 Stars
Colors: 5 Stars
Cover: 5 Stars

Written by Felipe Cagno
Art by Fabiano Neves
Colored by Ivan Nunes, Dinei Ribeiro
Cover by Marcelo Costa, Felipe Watanabe
Variant Cover by Rod Reis, Mateus Santolouco
Edited by Felipe Cagno

Get your copy on ComiXology HERE

Support the Kickstarter for Issue #2 HERE

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