REVIEW: The Fiction #2

Written by Curt Pires, Art by David Rubín, Published by Boom studios

I feel like I’ve just read the equivalent of a perfume advert. Arty and baffling with just enough narrative to make you think it makes sense but it can never adequately describe what it smells like.

Not shit. But I’m not sure what the voices in the sweaty geek ether are raving about either. There’s a missing kid, a couple looking for him and a monster. No recap page meant I didn’t care as much as I possibly should have but to be honest the whole thing is about as memorable as last Thursday week.

The art is arty. Pleasant indie style, defined characters and fair story telling. That’s pretty much it, move on.

The writing is utterly forgettable I remember one character I think was called Tsang, stopped caring by the time the ‘epilogue’ (a sure sign of wankyness) rolled round were a thing appeared, people walked into it and met another thing.

This was the only other comic I could finish from my dropbox and that’s about all I can say for it.

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