REVIEW: The Flash #11: The Speed of Darkness Part 2

After a recent adaptation on The Flash television program, Joshua Williamson brings us The Shade 2.0 in issue 11.  I rather liked this take on The Shade.  To recap, Wally ran head first into trouble in issue #10 and now Barry is looking for Kid Flash.  We get a far amount of Iris and Barry exposition leading to Iris and The Flash meeting a “mere shadow” of The Shade.  Okay that was corny, but it made me laugh.  Williamson does a nice job of mixing in the exposition so it never feels overdone.  The motivation of The Shade matches our heroes motivations as well, which made the hook at the end infinitely better.  Now the trio must destroy the TOWER OF DARKNESS and stop the rogue shadows from escaping.

screenshot_266 screenshot_267 screenshot_268

While I never felt the art was “bad” or “took me out of the book”, I did feel a sketchy kind of vibe to it.  I am not THROWING SHADE.  I just did it again didn’t I?  I liked the looks for the Shadowlands, but on occasion found a peculiarity with Wally’s proportions.  Minor quibble aside, I enjoyed this issue and prefer seeing Barry and Wally and this arc over the prior Godspeed arc.

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Davide Gianfelice
Colorist: Ivan Placencia
Letterer: Steve Wands

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