REVIEW: The Flash #12

Love the TV show and I was hoping DC had cooled their tits after that last Flash issue I read which was a bit shit. This is a marked improvement and a step towards the tone of the show but I think the editor was asleep at the wheel because the plot feels too fast and amdram to fuckery.

The plot itself is sound enough, people who control darkness being a bit naughty, the Kid Flash and Flash at odds over trust and training but it borrows a comedic concept from Terry Pratchett vis-à-vis the speed of darkness. Only Pratchett usedf it as an allegory and Williamson seems to be using it as some kind of pseudo science bullshiterry that while YES this is a superhero comic, doesn’t fit the tone of The Flash who’s always had a very grounded scientific foundation to run on. Add to that the twee dialogue and it’s only the emotional beats that make the story readable.

The art doesn’t really work for the character either, the loose line work and flighty style should lend itself to the kinetic energy of the Flash but there’s not really a lot of innovation to depict it with any originality. It’s good art, but it’s not Flash art.

I think the same goes for the writing in all fairness, it’s good just not for this title. 2.6/5

(W) Joshua Williamson (A) Davide Gianfelice (CA) Carmine Di Giandomenico


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