REVIEW: The Flash #5

Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Felipe Watanabe, Andrew Currie, Delair Albert, Ivan Plasencia and Steve Wands

“Barry Allen’s Day off”


Meena and Barry open this issue basking in the Bali sunset. Even casual comic fans wouldn’t argue The Flash deserves some relaxation. I have theorized Barry will not stay in his “happy place” very long . . . and I was right! Either Meena aka. Fast Track will disappear for good or she is involved with Godspeed. I still have my issues with August who seems to be a candidate for Godspeed as well. He seems to be balancing heroics and Detective duty a bit too well for me to fully trust he is not siphoning extra Speed Force.

I am digging the Speed Force training center and I am all over Godspeed as the big bad. We do finally get to see more of him in his attack on Star Labs and I loved those panels.

Screenshot_087 Screenshot_086

The portion with Wally was both endearing and odd at the same time. The interaction with Meena acting as his “partner” seemed forced. I do like the slow burn of Williamson’s story although reluctant at first the extra speedy characters have been enjoyable in these initial issues.

The art is a bit chaotic with lots of lightning, even in August’s eyes for no apparent reason aside reminding readers he is imbued with the Speed Force or maybe . . .?   I am not being overtly critical of the art other than my prior comment; otherwise I liked Felipe’s work. I do hope to see Carmine Di Giandomenico art back in the series as well. I rather liked his take on the title.

The issue is not perfect but it has certainly grabbed my attention and left me with questions and pondering over my theories. This is more than enough to keep The Flash in my list of DC pulls!

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