REVIEW: The Flash Annual #4

G’Day Speedsters!

This is Dodgy86 in the mix, zooming to another comic review for The Flash Annual 4 by Van Jensen with art by Bong Dazo and Norm Rapmund.

Professor Zoom recruits his new crew of Acolytes… This team possesses special powers and Zoom traveled the world and through time to enlist with the purpose to destroy The Flash!! Trust was the methodology for their loyalty, will they find out Zoom’s real ambition and show his true colours?

Jensen’s pacing of the story is a joy, being an annual this is a stand alone story.

It’s a great origin story for these new recruits from different times and backgrounds and why they joined Zoom on his quest. Telling and re-telling the story from a different angle at the end of the book is great way to conclude. The time travel through the Aztec invasion in the 1520’s and South Africa in the 1880’s made this book more interesting, the dialogue used enhanced the story. Dazo and Rapmund’s beautiful art compliment Jensen’s work.

It’s actually great to see Zoom is back! If you like The Flash, do ya’self a favour and check it out!

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