REVIEW: The Gingerdead Man #3

Let’s judge this book by its cover… Giddy up cow cookie as the evil Gingerbread man rides a colourful candy dragon. The art isn’t bad, it’s very simple but does what it needs.

For the origin of this not so cute Cookie killer check out my review for issue 1

If you’ve not seen the movies (yes there are several movies in this franchise including a cross over with Killer Bong…. Yes that’s a thing) then here’s the 411. Serial killer Millard Findlemeyer was executed in prison but his mother used her black magic and killer cookery skills to bring him back as the Gingerdead Man.
Now he’s hold up in a drug dealers kitchen where some dealers were trying to make “special” cookies…. I’m talking about pot. But a mixup happened and He was born, he quickly killed the master bakers and cut off one of their fingers and used it as a penis to have sex with a mound of cookie dough with a mop head for hair, I kid you not. When the drug dealers head honcho arrives back, she enters a fight for her life against not only the Gingerdead man but dozens of mini versions of him and a dragon made of candy.

This feels like I’m describing some weird dream I had after eating too much cheese before bed. It’s absolutely ridiculous but it’s too much fun to stop reading. I thought the last page of issue 1 was hilarious but the final page of this issue made me laugh so hard. If you want weird this ones for you

The art is great, it’s clean and it’s very well done,especially the faces on the humans,  as for the story I’m not even going to mention it because there actually isn’t one, I’m not being facetious or saying it as an insult, it’s just that nothing happens apart from a serial killer killing some drug dealers.  It’s just silly fun and shouldn’t be judged as anything but.

I like silly and I love overkill and this book has both in spades. It’s clearly a 5 star book…. I say that of my own free will and am not being held at knife point but the very handsome and anatomically correct Gingerdead man.

The Gingerdead Man #3
Written by Brockton McKinney
Art by Sergio Rios
Colours by Marcelo Costa
Letters by Dave Dwonch
Published by Action Lab Danger Zone
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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