REVIEW: The Goddamned #4

It’s a biblical battle between Noah and Cain for the fate of the human race as Cain suffers on the cross Noah builds his ark for the cleansing of the Earth in Gods name, the only problem is Cain couldn’t care less for the will of God or the human race until he finds a reason to care.

I’ve not read any comics set in the biblical universe but I actually enjoyed this one, with strong language, nudity and heavy violence this is not for your younger readers. The art is fits the time of the book and isn’t bad, at times it feels a little cluttered on a few pages but overall it’s pretty well done. Having not read issues 1-3 i didn’t feel too lost in this issue which is always a plus and the final page made me want to read the next issue which is what you want from any comic.

This ones a strong 4 stars.

The Goddamned #4
Written by Jason Aaron
Art by r.m.Guéra
Colours by Giuliani Brusco
Lawyers and design by Jared K. Fletcher
Published by Image Comics
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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