REVIEW: The Great Lakes Avengers #3

I loved Mystery Men, The Specials, Super the blue-collar superhero stories about the “other guys” who had all the heart and soul of a true superhero but none of the luck.

This is a those stories against the backdrop of the Marvel Universe and I can see this being a film in a few years time. It has a sprinkle of Giffen’s Justice League International but still has its own voice. These characters are flawed, specifically in the confidence department but not where it counts. It’s not a laugh riot, there’s genuine tragedy in these characters but it’s funnier and deeper than a lot of comics out there.

The art is solid. Clean line work, clear expressions, economical use of fantastic panel transitions (for a super hero book) it’s all very refreshing just to see some honest, down to earth, clean-cut comic art.

There’s some interesting characters in this to, Doorman is that weird cool background character I always gravitated to as a kid and I learned a new term “fursona” how cool is that?

Altogether this is something I can see myself picking up in trade eventually and cheering on the little guy. 4.8/5

Written by Zac Gorman, art by Will Robson, published by Marvel

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