REVIEW: The Infinite Loop #4

Written by Pierrick Colinet, Art by Elsa Charretier, Published by IDW

Well there’s a recap about a happily loved up woman with time warping powers visited by alternate versions of herself as she’s trying to alter time so she can be happy.

It’s good but it’s a lot like trying to follow the number blue wearing a velvet blindfold, on your elbow.

The writing takes a couple of reads, but it’s worth it. The structure is that of monkey bars and if you climb about on them you’ll get humour, warmth and a delightfully subtle story about fighting for acceptance.

The art is Darwin Cooke poured into a kaleidoscope, smashed against a neon cocktail sign and repaired by a military engineer who went through lsd experiments, like the writing, a couple reads is needed.

It benefits from not preaching and conveying its message through storytelling.

It’s a light and airy comic the size of the Nimitz and powered by Grant Morrison’s farts.

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