REVIEW: The Jungle Book: Fall of the Wild #4

Writer: Mark L. Miller
Artist: Michele Bandini
Cover Artist: Alfredo Reyes
Publisher: Zenescope
Release Date: 04/01/2015

Another Zenescope alternative Disney tale is on show. This time we have  a female Mowglii as the list child, raised by the wolves and destined to bring peace to Kipling Isle. Or is she?

We start this the book with Mowglii in a bit of trouble, captured and on her to the courageous and it black bearded captain. From there we have an alliance of sorts, hinting at a possible future, a couple of battles an a twist on the the ripe swing escape.  All this leading to a battling conclusion, where I assume “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” may be the axiom that bring peace to the isle.

Written by Mark L. Miller, the book moves along at quick pace. There are a couple of stereotypes in play, the pirate captain for example, but on the whole the various characters interact in a genuine way.  The alternative versions of the Disney characters also work, with most of the them making an appearance.

Art is supplied Michele Bandini and his line work is clean and consistent. With this being a Grimm book, there is the usual skimpy outfits, but in this book it fits well and Bandini does well not to fall into excess. One of the things that has impressed me about the Zenescope books are the colours. This issue, colours are  provided by Grostieta, are no exception. They are vibrant and add a level of depth to the the book. I don’t even mind the couple of “at sea” panels in which not a lot happens because the colours used helps create a beautiful setting.

I did enjoy the book, but despite great colours and the nods to Rudyard Kipling (one obvious,  one not so), did make me smile, I don’t think I am interested enough to pick up the next issue.  Fans of the series, should enjoy as Mowglii and her friends look set to defend their home.

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