REVIEW: The Last Contract #3

This is one of the books that exists within the popular crime noir style that are gradually filling the racks, although to be honest, putting it under a sub-set called “violence noir” may be more accurate.

Created by the writer/artist duo of Ed Brisson and Lisandro Estherrren, this penultimate issue continues the story of an Alzheimer’s suffering gun for hire.  Not knowing who your enemies are is one thing, but not knowing why they are your enemies carries its own set of problems.  Thrown into the mix is a young boy who seems to garner quite a lot of attention from all the wrong people.

Ed Brisson supplies a tense issue in every aspect of the word tense.  With so much going, it would be easy to lose track.  In addition, except for the young teen, there isn’t a lot of genuinely nice guy characters.  Brisson, perhaps recognising this, allows the symptoms of Alzheimer’s to humanize the old man.

Lisandro Estherren provides the art, with a dirty style that echoes the  overall themes of the book.  Estherren puts together the pages well, with a number of panels, that creates a pace and content that screams action movie. Niko Guardia provides the colors for the book, with a scheme that reminds me of books like The Black Hood.  That’s not really surprising; both books feature the underbelly of society and focusses on the darkness that drive people to commit their onerous deeds.

With the violence inherent in this type of book, it’s not a read for everyone.  If you have issues with “real” violence, whether it’s towards women, kids or old men then skip this.  However, if you are a fan of this type of story, then this a quality book that exemplifies the best of the genre.

STORY BY Ed Brisson
ART BY Lisandro Estherren
PUBLISHER: Boom Studios

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