REVIEW: The Last Sheriff #1

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy86 in the mix bringing you The Last Sheriff # 1 by Chris Jenkins, Matthew King and Chris Imber (co-writer & artist). Published by Reckless Hero.

This tech-western book begins with a two-page spread introduction of The New Territories where Sheriffs provided law, order and peace until overpopulation and shortage of food and fuel lead to over 30 years of war. The Sheriffs were forgotten or were they?


We meet a new sheriff in town… He’s not impressed with the chaos he sees around him and attempt to bring law and order into a lawless town. Y’all better not get in his way because’s or y’all pay, he’s an absolute badass!


The introduction on the opening pages is similar to an introduction to a movie, I couldn’t wait to turn the page. The pages are gritty transporting readers to the wild west, with a more modern look. The pacing works for this issue, it’s not over-worded and does not complicate the story which is pleasing. This book is loaded with action involving old fashion western shootouts. It is a lot of fun and very violent.

Imber’s art makes a good book turn into a great one. It’s beautiful to look at, it gives a western genre a more modern look. Each page is heavily detailed, especially the facial expressions.

You will not be sorry, do ya’self a favor you varmints and check it out!

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