REVIEW: The Last Sheriff # 3

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy in the mix bringing you The Last Sheriff Part III by Chris Jenkins (also on colors, letters) and Matthew King with art by Chris Imber. Proudly published by Reckless Hero.
The Last Sheriff John H. Wilson is back; he is still on the run as he desperately seeks refuge of the natives and care as his female companion Rose was severely injured (see Part II), can these natives be trusted? And what history does Wilson have with these natives? And what are the consequences of Roses’ injuries?

Now, the Sheriff has only one idea in mind and that is to fight back. Meanwhile, there is a new hunter in town and he sure-as-heck aint friendly and has cruel intentions.
This is another action packed issue, this book is loaded with action from the opening pages will get readers hooked and again Imber’s art is gorgeous. The exciting part was the flashback scenes of Wilson’s life when sheriffs had a role in society, which was a mystery that weren’t touched upon in the first 2 issues. These flashback scenes were well placed and not overkill nor contradicting the storyline which was pleasing. The dialogue with the characters in this book (especially between the Sheriff and the native chief) were well though out and interesting, the movement of the new villain has built a noticeable gateway for an expanded universe to make me want to read more.

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