REVIEW: The Living Finger #2


So what would you do if you found a finger that was moving on its own? Take it to the police because someone might be hurt… Run screaming like a sane person…. Or maybe teach it to communicate and name it Wendy like Jason did who then found it a new body by kidnapping a woman from a club. Now the newly formed Wendy intends to keep her secret and her new life at any cost.

I wasn’t too sure going into this one as it seems like a bit of a daft idea, but as I read on it was actually pretty good, it’s written well with Jason being a likable loner that just wants to love her while Wendy doesn’t seem to want that now that she’s gotten her new body. The art is simple but very well done with smooth lines and soft colours, the facial expressions are some of the best and I really like this smooth look in a book. Although the book starts with the possession of an innocent woman’s body The book takes a darker turn when Wendy is threatened with exposure and the next issue will show how far Jason will go for her. I enjoy a good thriller/Horror title and this one is better than expected, dark and creepy while having emotion and humour make this a great all round book so it gets 4 stars from me.

The Living Finger #2
Created,Written and Lettered by Garth Matthams
Cover and Art by Armin Ozdic
Published by Darby Pop
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics


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