REVIEW: The Massive: Ninth Wave #4

There are stories about adventure on the high seas and then there are oceanographic pulse pounding thrillers like this. Brian Wood takes us on a ride that is usually reserved for Clive Cussler’s fans of the Dirk Pitt series. This is drama and action on the ocean and it couldn’t be better.

This issue is a quick read. Wood doesn’t overload every panel with description, he relies on the excellent art provided by Garry Brown to tell a comprehensive story where the words are unnecessary. The pacing is quick and the plot is fairly simple at its core. But what is hidden in the pages of this book is a read that you can’t put down. The Ninth wave is a environmental group aboard the Massive. They are chasing down the crew of the Spektra, who have three of the Ninth Wave’s members hostage. The chase comes to a head as the Spektra stops dead in the water and an explosion rocks the night. What comes next is a daring search and rescue.

While the story hits a few action movie tropes it had me invested enough to read at a lightning pace. I could feel the tension of the crew as they worked feverishly to save their fellow shipmates. If you have a strong fear of water or drowning you better leave this book on the shelf otherwise you need to give this title a read.

Story: Brian Wood
Art: Garry Brown
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher

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