REVIEW: The Mighty Captain Marvel #3

Carol Danvers is one of my favourite superheroes. I don’t usually read stuff I’m going to buy anyway but as I’ve just finished Civil War 2 I thought this might be a good place to put in my tuppence on her character.

She’s a control freak. But she knows it. Her stance in CW2 actually makes sense if you read it all in one go. So her place in this story makes sense as well. Her powers are a bit out of whack so she’s trying to find out why. There’s some really nice dialogue in this that’s used sparingly and it makes it shine in all the right ways and it explores her relationship with the people close to her in a natural way, despite one of them being an AI. It avoids sentimentality as well, which is impressive as this could have dipped so easily into mawkishness.

It’s paced well, the art is strong and simple and the whole thing is a good read. Characters are distinct and the plot all makes sense.

I was worried after Kelly Sue Deconnick’s epic run it might slip but no, it hit a pace and actually picked up from there. Captain Marvel isn’t just Marvels premiere female superhero, she’s flat-out their premiere superhero.

Writer Margaret Stohl, artist Ramon Rosanas, published by Marvel Comics

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