REVIEW: The Mighty Thor #10

Thor has to save her flagship villain, Dario Agger to save the world and to do so she must best Silver Samurai and Exterminatrix.  Seems easy enough, but the creative team has a major twist awaiting readers.   My daughter loves Jane Foster as Thor and I decided to give it a go before she spoiled it for me.  I must say I enjoyed it.


The title has some issues in character development for Jane Foster and, we haven’t seen Odinson since the beginning of this run.  The dramatic conclusion of this issue could aid or further plague the title.  As we approach the launch of Unworthy Thor this issue filled a nice gap in a hero I enjoy.

The art is better than average for sure with lots of emotion and power.  Thor battle panels are exceptionally good and the colors make for a dynamic
looking issue.

I can certainly see why my daughter loves the series past the fact the titular hero is female.  I may actually begin reading these out of her stack of books.

Story: Jason Aaron
Art:  Russell Dauterman, Matt Wilson

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