REVIEW: The Mighty Titan #1

G’Day Crusaders,

Dodgy86 back into the mix with The Mighty Titan by Joe Martino with art by Luca Cicchitti, published by Red Anvil Comics and Cloud 9 Comix.

Gotham city has it’s hero, Metropolis has it’s hero, New York has it’s heroes and Chicago Illinois has The Mighty Titan. The Titan is the man who’s they when trouble arises, whether it be fighting giant killer robots or rescuing cats from tries, he’s always around. As you may know, every superhero has their super villain!

The story starts with the narrative of the difficulties of finding work in the Windy City and how a man named Mark Williams is one of those desperate to find work and contribute to support his family, and then… a giant robot terrorizes the city (as they do), this is a job for The Mighty Titan! The defeated robot is operated by a young pawn of the evil Professor, what does he aim to achieve by summoning young men into doing his bidding? You’ll need to continue reading to find out.

Also what is the connection between Mark and the Titan? Again you’ll need to keep reading.

Martino does a decent job with the pacing of the story, especially switching between story around the villainous professor, then the commoner Mark Williams and the heroic Titan. This allows each of the characters and their stories to expand throughout future issue, which means we need to read on. Ciccitti’s artwork is consistent and looks like he could illustrate any mainstream book.

Do ya’self a favor and check it out.

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