REVIEW: The Mighty Titan #2

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy8y back in the mix bringing you The Mighty Titan # 2 by Joe Martino with art by Luca Cicchitti, Cory Smith, John Orlando and Jeff Austin. Published by Red Anvil Comics.

The evil Professor ‘Trenchmouth’ is up to his old tricks, luring young troubled youths to wear a large mecha-suit to cause harm in downtown Chicago. Of course spark the interest of The Mighty Titan. What does he have in store this time? Read it and find out!

Meanwhile… The truth comes out for Mark Williams, he is an unemployed simpleton who becomes The Titan by saying “Hyperion”. There is someone more sinister he has been diagnosed with Cancer… what will he do? What will he tell his young family? Again read it and find out.

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Martino does a good job with the pacing of this story, it has the action and the drama of a typical superhero comic with a twist. The art is pleasing throughout, especially the detail in facial expressions which emphasize the storytelling.

The highlight of this book is the topic which can be relatable especially to those who have been diagnosed or have had a family member or friend diagnosed with cancer. This story is honest to the emotions of the sufferer and those surrounding them. It’s a great contrast to a character who is redeemed as invincible.

Do ya’self a favor and check it out!

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