REVIEW: The October Faction #12

Story By: Steve Niles and Damien Worm
Art By: Damien Worm
Colors Assistant By: Alyzia Zherno
Published By: IDW

When a comic book has werewolves, robots, and a horde of Haitian zombies what’s not to love? Did I mention this book also has elements of the supernatural, magic, and a heart warming ending that brings a family together to hunt down and destroy the forces of evil?

Steve Niles and Damien Worm are hitting on all cylinders in this mystic romp through the unknown. The story revolves around the Allan family trying to regain the head of their household, Fredrick. There is just one problem, Fred’s undead… as in zombie, thanks to the evil Merle, who has literally stolen his heart. The Allan family rallies to overcome the undead masses and black magic that are in their way and reclaim the heart of their father. By the end of the book the entire family has reunited and has sworn an oath to fight the forces of evil together.

Worm’s artwork is dark and moody, the perfect style for a story like this, it often reminded me of Ben Templesmith, a former collaborator of Steve Niles. (30 Days of Night) Lucas, the werewolf, really jumped off the page at the start of the story thanks to the eerie art style, which only immersed me deeper into October’s yarn.

This was a pleasant surprise. This book was off of my radar and I was unsure what I was getting into when I open the comic. By the last page I was eager to see where the story went next and looked forward to my next encounter with the Allan clan. Solid stuff.

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