REVIEW: The October Faction #18

(W) Steve Niles (A/CA) Damien Worm, Published by IDW

OH thank goodness, a good one at last! It’s a stripped down horror comic about a bunch of people who’ve banded together to fight the beasties of the night. It moves at a break neck pace, there’s no extraneous dialogue, no endless expository soliloquies about how the vampires became vampires, they just go “Grrr” and get a knife in the face.

The story still allows for the characters to be characters though, there’s some rather sad bits that despite not being with these characters for the last seventeen issues still delivered on the empathy more than adequately.

The art at first seems a bit basic, it’s all done with washes and angular line work with plenty of filters thrown in but there’s a skill to the page layouts and composition that shows a lot of thought going on in the background.

If I had a negative it would simply be things sometimes feel a bit too fast, the sudden use of a teleport spell shifts the pace up a gear or two and the action sequence with the vampires feels rushed. But it’s an atmospheric read and at least the vampires don’t bloody sparkle.

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