REVIEW: The October Faction: Deadly Season #1

The last volume was good and it’s off to a good start now. The thing I like about this series is the matter of fact way the characters are about their specific…condition? Abilities? States of being! There’s no one whining about being a vampire or a werewolf they’re all just kicking bottom and not bothering taking names.

This opens with a cool action sequence establishing everyone nicely and slides into a few smaller narratives as characters pair up and go off to start the new story line. For all their fantastic natures the characters feel very natural and realistic and it’s a contrast that’s handled well, making this an easy read but no less compelling because of that.

The art is improved from the last issue I read, and it was pretty good then. Better panel compositions, smoother story telling and better use of colours to highlight transitions between scenes.

It’s a great comic for horror fans whose level is a bit darker than Buffy, All round good read.

By Steve Niles and Damien Worm, published by IDW

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