REVIEW: The Prowler#1

This has something to do with the new Clone Conspiracy, a story from the nineties which seems to be developing a fondness among those with shit memories. This however is a nice little character number about a zed lister being the henchman for the Jackal, who now where’s an Anubis mask, smart. Interesting fact, there were no jackals in Egypt at the time, Anubis is wolf headed. I mention this because I need to pad out what might be a dull review.

The art veers into Marvels new house style which seems to be ” do what you like” and while it’s quite acceptable on the eyes and flows well it doesn’t make much impact and there’s not a lot of contrast in the shading, giving the pages a bit of a flat feel.

It’s OK, The Prowler is an interesting enough character that seems a bit direction less but it’s definitely better than most of the nineties clone comics.

Written by Sean Ryan
Art by Javier Salteres & Jamal Cambelll (apparently there are three “Ls *shrugs*)
Published by Marvel


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